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student of the week


Samantha Pratt
Samantha is a pleasure to have in class. She is a hard worker and is very responsible. She does detailed work and always puts in the extra effort it takes to succeed. She is kind, caring, and respectful to her fellow students and staff members. She always has a positive attitude. She is a natural leader and sets a good example for her peers. Samantha has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She is a Junior this year and a member of the MHS Honor Society. She is a great asset to our school and our community. Congratulations Samantha!



Zack Esplin
Zack is an intelligent and determined individual whose opinions and insight bring depth and energy to classroom discussions. He is studious, helpful, and curious about all things mechanical. He is a hard worker with a subtle sense of humor. Zack recently earned his Eagle Scout award after many years of hard work and commitment. His project was for WomenSpace, which helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence. He has a soft heart for people who are less fortunate and marginalized by society. He is very creative and is able to think outside the box to come up with a solution, design, or plan to solve a problem or invent something new. Zack participates in Football and Wrestling and has served as Student Council School Board Representative for the past two years. He serves his school and his community well. Congratulations Zack!



Rebekah Ballard
Rebekah is a fierce opponent and an excellent student! She is diligent in her studies and actively engaged in class. She is kind and friendly to students and staff and always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She works tirelessly for a number of school and community organizations including 4H, NHS, FCA, and Student Council. She also serves as the Senior Class Vice President. She enjoys sports and participates in Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. Rebekah is a tremendous asset to MHS and the entire community in and around Monroe. If you see her in the halls today, give her a high-five to thank her for being such an important part of what makes MHS great! Congratulations Rebekah!



Trent Warden
Trent is friendly fella with smarts and perseverance! He is a loyal, hard-working student. He is a natural leader who sets a good example for his peers. He has a positive attitude and puts others first. Trent goes above and beyond what is required of him and is generous with his time. He always volunteers to do extra work to help out teachers as well as other students. He is a pleasure to have in class! Trent is the Senior Class President and participates in baseball as well as football where he serves as team captain. Trent is a great asset to our MHS student body and to the community of Monroe! Congratulations Trent!



Henry Koch
Henry is a Senior with a great personality. He is a joy to have in class. He works hard and is very conscientious and dedicated. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to lend a hand to his fellow student. He is a fun guy to be around and a positive influence for his peers. He is always willing to try something new and take a risk. Henry is a two sport athlete. He enjoys Baseball and serves as team captain on the Football team. He is a great guy to have here at MHS! Congratulations Henry!



Madison Ballard
Madison always has a friendly smile and greeting for everyone. She is an excellent student who goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is always volunteering to help others. Madison is kind, hard-working, and witty. She is responsible and respectful to students and staff. Madison is a two sport athlete competing in Volleyball and Basketball. She is a member of the MHS Honor Society, a strong leader and positive influence for other students. She is a great student to have as part of our community! Congratulations Madison!



Maddie O’Hare
Maddie is a great student to have in class. She is a hard worker and she is persistent when faced with challenges. She is pleasant, courteous, and respectful to fellow students and staff. She motivates and encourages others to be their best. Maddie is a Senior, a member of the Honor Society, and participates in Volleyball, Cheer, and Track. She is also involved in many volunteer and community service projects outside of school. We are lucky to have Maddie as part of our MHS community. Congratulations Maddie!



Keith Saito
Keith is a great all-around student. He is very responsible and works hard to achieve his goals. He is respectful and kind to his fellow students as well as to members of the staff. He is someone you can count on and he is always willing to lend a hand. He works during the summer helping with various tasks at the high school and grade school. Keith is a Senior and the MHS Student Council President. He has also represented MHS at the prestigious Ford Leadership Institute. Keith is a two sport athlete, participating in Baseball and Football. He is a great asset to our community in Monroe and here at MHS. Congratulations Keith!