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A community of approximately 600 located in Monroe, Oregon.  The economy of the school district is grounded in the forest industry and agriculture.  Many also commute to Corvallis and Eugene.  The city of Monroe is nestled against the first foothills of the Coast Range mountains, facing the Willamette Valley.  Highway 99 West connects Monroe to the city of Corvallis, (home of Oregon State University) 17 miles to the north, and the city of Eugene (home of University of Oregon) 23 miles to the south, as well as Junction City 8 miles to the south. 

District Size:    Approximately 465 students, K-12 (grades K-8, 310 students.)

Directions and Contact Information

  • District Office
    365 North 5th Street (map)
    Monroe, OR 97456
    Phone: 541.847.6292
    Fax: 541.847.6290

  • Grade School
    600 Dragon Drive (map)
    Monroe, OR 97456
    Phone: 541.847.5139
    Fax: 541.847.5128

  • High School
    365 North 5th Street (map)
    Monroe, OR 97456
    Phone: 541.847.5161
    Fax: 541.847.6161


Staff Directory

District Office    
  Name Position Email
  Pickett, Russell
Superintendent russ.pickett@monroe.k12.or.us
  Manley, Christine   Administrative Assistant, School Board Secretary, Personnel christine.manley@monroe.k12.or.us
  Klein, Corinne Business Manager, Accounts Payable corinne.klein@monroe.k12.or.us
  Wasak, Peter


Grade School    
  Administrative Office  
  Name Position Email
  Holvey, Kathi Principal kathi.holvey@monroe.k12.or.us
  Albitz, Sarah Secretary sarah.albitz@monroe.k12.or.us
  Moore, Jill Secretary jill.moore@monroe.k12.or.us
  Name Position Email
  Baggarley, Twyla Grades 3 & 4 twyla.baggarley@monroe.k12.or.us
  Beatley, David Grades 7 & 8 Science david.beatley@monroe.k12.or.us
  Bechtold, Lory Grades 5 & 6 Math lory.bechtold@monroe.k12.or.us
  Connolly, Whitney Grades 7 & 8 Math whitney.connolly@monroe.k12.or.us
  Fielder, Richard Physical Ed / Health richard.fielder@monroe.k12.or.us
  Floyd, Dixie Grades 1 &2 dixie.floyd@monroe.k12.or.us
  Fuhrmann, Rosie Grades 5 & 6 Language Arts  rosie.fuhrmann@monroe.k12.or.us
  Geil, Kim Grades 3 &4 kim.geil@monroe.k12.or.us
  Hanchett, Patty Grades 7 & 8 Language Arts patty.hanchett@monroe.k12.or.us
  Kolar, Susan Kindergarten susan.kolar@monroe.k12.or.us
  Martinson, Marie-Louise Grades 5 & 6 Science marie-louise.martinson@monroe.k12.or.us
  Oldale, Cathy Special Education cathy.oldale@monroe.k12.or.us
  Otto, Catherine Grades 1 &2 catherine.otto@monroe.k12.or.us
  Trotter, Katie Special Education katie.trotter@monroe.k12.or.us
  Unrein, Wendy Grades 1 & 2 wendy.unrein@monroe.k12.or.us
  Williams, Nancy Special Education nancy.williams@monroe.k12.or.us
  Wright, Will Grades 3 & 4 will.wright@monroe.k12.or.us


High School    
  Administrative Office  
  Name Position Email
  Crowson, Bill Principal bill.crowson@monroe.k12.or.us
  Dykstra, Kay Secretary kay.dykstra@monroe.k12.or.us
  Wall, Denise Secretary, Food Service denise.wall@monroe.k12.or.us
  Name Courses Email
  Contreras, Peggy Spanish I (2), Art, WR 115, WR 121, Spanish 2, British Literature, Mythology and Fable, Sophomore Advisory peggy.contreras@monroe.k12.or.us
  Crowson, Bill SWR, HERO bill.crowson@monroe.k12.or.us
  Diehl, Robert Special Education, Pre-Algebra kwasi.diehl@monroe.k12.or.us
  DeVicq, Lexi Counselor lexi.devicq@monroe.k12.or.us
  Durbin, Valerie
World Literature, U.S. History(2), Global Studies(2), Yearbook, Freshman Advisory valerie.durbin@monroe.k12.or.us
  Elliott, Ken American Literature, English 2(2), Drama, English 1(2), Freshman Advisory ken.elliott@monroe.k12.or.us
  Holvey, Kathi HERO kathi.holvey@monroe.k12.or.us
  Mulanax, James Woods(2), Welding(2), Small Engines, Fundamentals of Engineering, Principles of Technology, Senior Advisory james.mulanax@monroe.k12.or.us
  Persons, Mary Biology(2), Chemistry, Physical Science(2), Environmental Science, Junior Advisory mary.persons@monroe.k12.or.us
  Seifer, Aaron Government, Economics, Computers(3), Personal Finance, Career Education, Accounting (1st semester), Freshman Advisory aaron.seifer@monroe.k12.or.us
  Sisneros, Beau Health 10/PE 10, Weights(3), Health 11, PE 9, Sophomore Advisory beau.sisneros@monroe.k12.or.us
  Young, Cheri Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Junior Advisory cheri.young@monroe.k12.or.us